Burned Head et Chillflying présentent « Kero smells like tea » une vidéo de skydive trip comme aime les appeler John, Mike et Redda, les trois parachutistes qui compose Chillflying.

Profitez de cette vidéo tournée au Maroc en attendant les prochaines, que nous vous feront découvrir sur notre site.



  1. I think that photo of Natasha is one of your best ever! It needs to be framed I’m sierous!I glanced at my google searches and I have some very odd ones too. None were squirrel related those are hysterical! I’ll have to compile them someday soon.BTW, I love the Alaska musher’s blog that you suggested to me. A wolverine! wow! Apparently, we have exactly one in Colorado. He wandered around 400 miles from Yellowstone, followed via radio collar. I haven’t heard anything recently I wonder if he’s still here? Now, that’s an animal that I really wouldn’t want my dogs messing with!

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